19 of the funniest British tweets so far in 2018


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British Twitter truly is a beautiful place.

If you're in the market for puns, frequent jokes about the weather and plenty of glorious self-deprecation, it's pretty much got everything you need.

From kebab shop photoshoots to over-excitable dogs called Jack, here are some of the funniest British tweets to have graced our timelines so far this year...

1. This cheese-themed Sheeran burn.

Just got Ed Sheeran’s new album pic.twitter.com/zeNClYMy8h

— Harvey Lindsay (@HarveyLindsay) January 2, 2018

2. This reminder that things could be worse.

If you’re having a bad day remember that I have bookies pens as indicatorspic.twitter.com/9ksfb4N0bF

— Isaac Kerr (@kerr_isaac) February 23, 2018

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