All the bans on cryptocurrency ads won't hurt legit crypto businesses


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In the past month, two major online advertising platforms — Google AdWords and Facebook — have announced a full-on ban of cryptocurrency-related ads, and rumors say Twitter will follow their lead. 

Few will mourn the barrage of ads for shady ICOs (initial coin offerings) that promise 10x returns. But the cryptocurrency space is a booming new economy, and such an all-encompassing ban is sure to hurt some legitimate crypto businesses. 

Blockchain might just be the next big thing in finance, and blockchain-based Uber and Airbnb are already being envisioned. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find an industry that a blockchain-based startup isn't threatening to disrupt. Surely, not all of these businesses are scams. So why ban them all from advertising on the internet's major platforms? Read more...

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