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News / Mashable - 6 days ago

Shane, somehow, is reportedly coming back to 'The Walking Dead'

Warning: Spoilers for the second season of The Walking Dead ahead. The infamous Shane Walsh, one of the earliest villains in The Walking Dead (besides all the zombies), is returning to the show. Somehow. SEE ALSO: Chris Hardwick's bad statement got people talking about toxic nerd culture Shane, pla...

Cryptocurrency / Crytocurrency News - 6 days ago

Why is the New Tech Currency Moving Overseas?

Benefits for Blockchain and Technology Specialists when relocating to Malta Malta is positioning itself as a Blockchain hub and is attracting Blockchain and Technology specialists. Binance (an international multi-language cryptocurrency exchange company) has announced its move to Malta permanently p...

News / Mashable - 6 days ago

What the most successful people do, according to this meme

It seems like everyone on Twitter has an opinion about what makes a person successful.  Last week, Twitter user @APompliano tweeted a list of things he believes "the most successful people" do. It's a pretty vague bunch of descriptors —  successful people "have laser focus" and "bui...