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News / Mashable - 2 weeks ago

11 Valentine's gifts for your f*ck buddy

The assumption goes that splashing out on Valentine's Day is fine if you're in a deep and committed relationship. But, what about the fuck buddies of the world, for whom casual sex abounds and relationship statuses remain nebulous?  Don't they deserve gifts too? The answer is simple: Of course...

News / Mashable - 2 weeks ago

Officer and pup partner enforce the law and look good doing it

What a good boy! Levi Knach, a law enforcement officer with Indiana's Department of Natural Resources, took a portrait with his partner — which normally wouldn't be too exciting.  But his partner happens to be one adorable pup. In a series of photos posted to the department's Facebook pa...

News / Mashable - 2 weeks ago

Leaked photos show just how sexy Samsung's Galaxy S8 could look

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8 is shaping up to be one helluva flagship Android smartphone.  Though we already got a glimpse of what the S8 will supposedly look like last month, newly leaked photos give us a closer look at the front glass panels — and depending on your taste, it's either g...