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Social Media / Facebook - 3 weeks ago

Crunch Report | Blue Apron IPO Has A Rocky Start

& Today’s Stories  Blue Apron IPO off to a rough start Microsoft confirms Cloudyn acquisition, sources say price is between $50M and $70M Instagram implements an AI system to fight mean and harassing comments Uber crosses the 5 billion trip milestone amid ongoing issues A brief history of...

Social Media / Facebook - 3 weeks ago

Free choice must be free

& It is time to have a serious conversation about the limits of choice architecture online. We should acknowledge legitimate business interests alongside the long-established practice of choice architecture. At the same time, we should put restrictions in place to prohibit the use of nudges when...

Social Media / Facebook - 3 weeks ago

Dating apps are embracing video

& Dating apps are, in their own way, a form of social networking – especially as they expand into new areas like friend-finding or professional networking. So it only makes sense that they would adopt video as well, given the growing popularity of the format on social apps like Facebook, I...