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News / Mashable - 2 months ago

Over 20,000 people lit up a park to celebrate pride

More than 20,000 Singaporeans came to Pink Dot, the city's annual LGBTQ festival this year, according to organisers.There were so many people who tried to join the event — which sported a rainbow theme this year — that the park where it was held had...

News / Mashable - 2 months ago

It's Chris-mas in July. Here's how to celebrate

This summer, more than ever, the internet and world at large is in the throes of peak Chris madness. For serious scientific reasons enumerated below, Mashable has dubbed today, July 1st, the year of our lord 2017 as...Chris-mas. What is Chris-mas? C...

News / Mashable - 2 months ago

Pedal across the ocean surface with this breezy board

Mirage Eclipse has pedals and a handlebar for you to pedal across the water. The large fins move you forward. Generate speed or freely cruise at a relaxed paced. The handlebar and rudder comes off so the board fits right on top of your car.  Rea...