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Tech / 9lessons - 2 months ago

Health insurance startup Alan adds life insurance

& French startup Alan launched a brand new full-stack health insurance last year. This week, the company is launching corporate-owned life insurance so that it can become a one-stop shop for all your corporate insurance needs. When Alan launched...

Tech / 9lessons - 2 months ago

SoundCloud says it’s not going anywhere

& I’m glad to hear that because I can’t lose SoundCloud. Ever. Last week, SoundCloud announced layoffs of 173 employees (about half of its staff), as well as the closing of its offices in San Francisco and London. TechCrunch’s J...

Tech / 9lessons - 2 months ago

Someone just bought R2-D2 for over $2 million

& Sorry, Luke — but it looks like both your lightsaber and R2-D2 have new owners. In an auction that I’d like to pretend took place in front of a Sandcrawler in the middle of a desert, someone reportedly just dropped over $2 million d...