Hey Adora from 'Sharp Objects', what the hell is your damage?


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More than halfway through HBO’s Sharp Objects, no one really knows who killed the girl whose violent death sparked the events of the series. No one really knows what Amma’s deal is either, or if Camille is going to be able to handle the painful emotions that come with being back in her childhood home. No one knows much of anything. 

Except for one thing. Everyone knows Adora Crellin is a complete monster. 

Seriously, what is Adora’s damage? She’s a horrible, person-shaped monster in a fluffy pink shell with zero redeeming qualities and the personality of an arsenic-laced Ladurée macaron. The fact that she managed to live long enough to have at least one adult daughter without the town coming for her in the middle of the night with torches and pitchforks speaks volumes about how messed up Wind Gap society is. Read more...

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