Peppa Pig mascot watches in horror as Peppa Pig piñata is whacked


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Peppa Pig is not just a children's television show character. She's a cultural icon, best known for being an absolute savage and for being subversive symbol in China

The latest viral Peppa moment is a bit more macabre. A video posted by Twitter user @eddd_maisterr shows the beloved pig in piñata form, getting whacked by a small child.

But then the camera pans out to reveal Peppa Pig the mascot staring on in horror as her effigy is mercilessly beaten to a pulp. 

Coupled with the faint cheering of the spectators, this spectacle strikes a tone of a jolly macabre.

Peppa's reputation precedes her and someone pointed out the very valid reason that Peppa was getting beat up.  Read more...

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