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Tech / 9lessons - 2 months ago

Crunch Report | Facebook Helps You Find Wi-Fi

& Today’s Stories Facebook is rolling out its ‘Find Wi-Fi’ feature worldwide Delivery Hero’s valuation surpasses $5B following successful IPO Chat app Kakao raises $437M for its Korean ride-hailing service Cabin secures $...

Tech / 9lessons - 2 months ago

Manufacturing civility

& Facebook’s task is unenviable. Two billion people, all yammering on about everything in the world — and hidden in that unending torrent are hidden an unknown number of abhorrent, hateful utterances better off unuttered. But the meth...

Social Media / Facebook - 2 months ago

Free choice must be free

& It is time to have a serious conversation about the limits of choice architecture online. We should acknowledge legitimate business interests alongside the long-established practice of choice architecture. At the same time, we should put restri...