The strange, sad tale of a president who was never elected


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Editor's note: This is the 38th entry in the writer's project to read one book about each of the U.S. Presidents in the year prior to Election Day 2016. Follow Marcus' progress at the @44in52 Twitter account and the 44 in 52 Spreadsheet.

Man, poor Gerald Ford.

That's all I could think after completing Douglas Brinkley's book on Ford for the American Presidents Series — one of the few biographies available on a man generally seen as a caretaker president. 

Ford was in an unenviable position. He ascended to office in the wake of the biggest scandal in the history of the presidency, and had to figure out whether to pardon his predecessor's criminal acts. Meanwhile America was reeling from the loss of a war for the first time (in Vietnam), not to mention a slumping economy and rising inflation. Read more...

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