Yes, you did hear Alex Trebek drop 'Jumpman' lyrics on 'Jeopardy'


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Alex Trebek started from the bottom, now he's here — forcing you to answer in the form of a question. 

A Jeopardy contestant took "Musical Acts" for $400 on Wednesday night, which forced Trebek to go from zero to 100 real quick, singing Drake's hit single "Jumpman" featuring fellow rapper Future. 

The internet noticed.

Just heard Alex Trebek recite some lyrics from Jumpman......why ya'll make him do this?

— Justin Reece (@KyloReece) October 27, 2016

Alex Trebek saying the #Jumpman lyrics for a #Jeopardy question was awesome! #Drake #Future

— MTS (@mazzsterpeace) October 26, 2016

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