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Cryptocurrency / Crytocurrency News - 1 week ago

The Blockchain Community is Changing the World

We have all heard about the radical innovation of blockchain technology where organizations from the U.S. Department of Defense, to IBM, to Walmart are all actively working with it. The blockchain is truly revolutionary and, according to U.S. Congressman Tom Emmer of Minnesota, is “amazing new techn...

Cryptocurrency / Crytocurrency News - 1 week ago

Tron [TRX] Super Election & Tron Dogs Upgrade

Tron [TRX] has been ramping up lately, as the days are ticking down to May 31st when Tron’s main net is set to launch. Nearly two weeks ago, the Tron Foundation initiated their test net and TRX jumped nearly 50% in price just a few days later when the coin got listed on the exchanges UPbit and...

Tech / TechCrunch - 1 week ago

Amazon’s fart app is the best reason to buy an Echo Button

As of this writing, there’s a single, solitary review for Button Tooter. It’s three stars and three sentences, and it’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. “They clearly ran out of ideas!” the reviewer writes. “It’s kind of fun! How about a game where you can make music. [sic]” Is Amazon’s creation...