Molly Ringwald's 'New Yorker' essay is a powerful must-read


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In an extremely personal essay for The New Yorker, actress Molly Ringwald wrote about revisiting her teen classic The Breakfast Club with her daughter, and about how we reexamine stories in the post #MeToo era.

The Breakfast Club contains many sexual references, including a scene where it is applied that John  (Judd Nelson) inappropriately touches Claire (Ringwald) under a table. This time, Ringwald watched the scene with her young daughter, and it stayed with her.

Ringwald came forward in October, shortly after the Weinstein allegations, and spoke about her experience with sexual misconduct in Hollywood as a teen star. Since that and the resultant reexamination of Hollywood's gender dynamics and power structures, many have taken a second look at pop culture's advocacy of toxic masculinity, such as with romantic comedies where a man pursues a woman until she relents. Read more...

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