'No Man's Sky Next' is a vision realized, but that vision is not for me


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For the longest time, I convinced myself that wanting to like No Man's Sky was enough. It wasn't until the massive No Man's Sky Next update came along that I realized I was fooling myself.

A brief history lesson may be in order: No Man's Sky was first announced in a hype-heavy, detail-light trailer released at the end of 2013. It was to be a PlayStation exclusive that would let players fly their way through a galaxy made up of quadrillions of stars, each orbited by fully realized, randomly generated planets.

For the next two years, Sony's hype machine went into overdrive as it tried to match player expectations of what the game could be. Hello Games, the developer, made a bunch of promises about the kind of experience the finished work would deliver, but its eventual 2016 release fell short. Features were missing and the game felt empty. Hype, unfulfilled. Read more...

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